Welcome to MelodySoup.com

I hope that you have found this sight because you were looking for something special.  On this site you will find information about some "good things" that make my life as a music teacher easier and more efficient.  

MelodySoup Blog

I LOVE to write, but I don't like reading sad stuff, so I promise to only write funny or encouraging tales of the always entertaining music classroom. 

Children's books

I LOVE books!  Books that are really folk songs are my favorite!  I have reviewed some of my favorites.  When possible, I've given information about where to find them.

Music Teacher Tips

When I come across a good idea or a creative tip this is the place you’ll find it.  I really like finding cool stuff on the web, so if I find something that I am interested in using with my students, I’ll organize it here. Keep your eyes open for resources that are developed especially for download.   

Professional Resources

Being a music teacher is not something we can do in isolation, so this page will be dedicated to the professional resources that I relyDonorsChoose on to do my job.  Professional development opportunities, professional organizations, professional reads, and grant information can all be found here.